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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


yeah its been a while but ive been really busy. i had to log on to change some info so i decided to put off typing my paper for communications and actually update. yeah somehow some of the preferences got messed up so i had to change who could post comments. and apparently some people just get stupider and cant take hints well. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!! how many times do i fuckin have to say it? take me off your friends list because im not your friend and your definitly not mine. i want nothing to do with you so go run along and find a nice twelve year old to hit on..you fuckin chester. and now that ive come on here to say what needed to be said. those of you who i do like feel free to comment any time everyone else go fuck yourself.

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Friday, September 3, 2004

8:52PM - where's my happy ending?

why the hell do i watch movies that have those happy endings that could never possibly happen in real life? are those really supposed to make you feel better about your own insignificant life? well its not giving me hope thats for sure. i know ive always said that ill prolly end up being the cat lady but at the rate im going, i wont even get to be that. well my life kinda sux right now as you loyal few readers can tell. and to go along with that little rant thingy doo or whatever you wanna call those few little lines... guys need to come with labels on their foreheads. it would save me so much time if their foreheads said either taken or gay. why i cant i have guy problems like everyone else where you get with a guy but he ends up being an asshole..wait ive had that one. but how come every time i meet a guy that seems nice he is either already taken or hes gay. its not fair. but all the gay ones are always really nice its just that im missing something and i have a few extra. *shakes fist* okay i have a new plan now, ill get a sex change. nah. i couldnt afford one plus id rather be a girl. but if i was a guy i wouldnt have to get a period once a month. which would make me less crazy and trying to kill people like i usually go through once a month. o well im tired of typing so im gonna go watch donnie darko again. the evil bunny cheers me up cuz hes funny. and i just read davey's posts on the df site so i do feel a lot better now. and i saw a really hot pic of him so i definitly feel better now. well atleast for a few minutes before reality comes back to kick me in the face.

Current mood: sad

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

7:37PM - more random thoughts and other stuff

wow. im actually updating after like two months or whatever. im bored and i just got one of those damn emails that have all that sentimental shit, imparting their words of wisdom on to me. then it all ends with make a wish and send it to so many people or you will have bad luck forever. well what if you already have bad luck does the bad luck from the email cancel out the bad luck that you already have. but still the more important question. who the hell wishes on an email?! does anyone really believe that the stupid wish will come true if and only if they send it to ten people with in three minutes? if people actually believe this then the human race is doomed. well enough about that stupid email.... my life is still the same as the last time i wrote. only it got a little worse. a lot of shit is going down right now. but on the plus side i might be joining the gym. ive been going with becca and im thinking about joining. its fun. and now i think i will leave and watch buffy. if anyone reads this then write back cuz im bored and lonely right now.

Current mood: confused

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

8:15PM - ka-stan-za

well i was informed yesterday that i need to update so here i am. and now for an unknown reason, everyone is getting off of aol and leaving me all alone again. dammit. and vic is not sending my my pics even though i sent the ones i said i was going to. you cockknocker *shakes fist* now i have madonna's like a virgin stuck in my head and i will most likely be singing it for the rest of the nite. i dont really have anything to say. nothing is new in my life since the last time i wrote. im still at shithole blairs video. im still alone but thats not a surprise. im the cat lady im supposed to life out my life in pain and misery. yay misery. and now im gonna stop before i make myself feel worse. think happy thoughts....davey...johnny depp.....and now im better. much much better. or maybe not. i dont really know what im saying. im tired. i had to open at work today. there was a power outage last nite and the store was more shitty then usual. one of the registers was not done out last nite so i got to fuck with the computers and print all that shit and then do all that other fun stuff that i do in the morning. i really need a new job. i think i mention it everytime i post but its true i still need a good one and perferably one where i can have my lipring cuz i want mine repierced. and im gonna go to my room now and watch tv or play nintendo. everyones gotta love the original nes.

Current mood: blah

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Saturday, May 1, 2004

7:07PM - yay tomorrow is my bday!!!!!!! buy me presents now i command you!

You are Happy Noodle Boy! But you already knew that
didn't you? You are crazy, and damn proud of

Famous quote "Fucking doughnut! Mock me? You
fried cyclops!!!"

What "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" Character Do You Most Resemble?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

11:50AM - ill eat your family...

im really bored and im stuck in class. kill me. ten minutes till i can leave. well actually i have to watch a atudent art show thingy then i can leave. vic if you ever read this then write me. i think that he is really dead cuz i havent heard from him in so long. im hungry. i still have the pest song stuck in my head. oh yeah i got disco bloodbath from ebay!!!!!! yay for james st james! my mom even payed for half of it for my birthday. i am also getting some dresses offline. the one dress i won isnt in stock yet. wtf? it is a frickin auction thingy they should have it set aside. damn them *shakes fist* the other one is being mailed out today! huzzah! omg i am so addicted to ebay. o wells i have to go.

(our dreams seemed not far away)

Monday, April 12, 2004

12:30AM - i was watching the pest and this has been in my head ever since

I like to party with my babes
cruisin's great
playin' three car money on these crazy streets.
Great hustler, I pull a scam man and I'm in it
so low to the floor picked the pocket on a midget
slick sheister, the pest meishter
livin' life in Miami's vice
meah see, nobody's messin' with the frog see
what's am I say'n now

naa, naa, naa, naa, naa,
naa, naa, naa, naa, naa, naa, naa

nice lady, I'm hurting, I'm hurting
I'm sexy but I'm hurting
all right already
I'm re-dic-o-lic-o-lous
like a booger I stick to this
take a whiff of this
one stinky dinky, haa, haa, haa
two stinky dinky, haa, haa, haa
three stinky dinky, haa, haa, haa

voodoo mambo, chillin' congo
old school beat meets Latin freak
and ya don't stop
that's the mean mambo
voodoo mambo, chillin' congo
when your old school beat meets Latin freak
and ya don't quit, and ya don't stop.
that's the mean mambo

Mirror mirror on the wall
who is the slickest of them all
it's the schemiest, keenest scam artist
God it's so hard to be modest.
Jack might be nimble, but I'm a sex symbol
so slick I stole the wick from his candlestick.
I'm in the mood to scam, simply because I can

I'm a Latin Houdini
disappear in a flash with your cash and I'm back like a genie
ah, ah, ah Lucy I'm home
don't do that to me Lucy
freak to the east
freak to the west
freak big booties with the big chest
yes, yes y'all it's like that
why certainly, naa, naa, naa.
Get stupid get retarded
cause pest will get the party started
which way did he go George, which way did he go?
funkalocious, groovealocious, hatrocious
squawk, what a maroon, squawk, what a weirdo
what a freak, squawk
what a suckerbutt, ah ha ha ha ha

I'm a man of a million disguises
I'm as crazy as I make 'em,
I shake 'em I break 'em
so scientific hate to be specific
e=mc squared, are you still there
multiply, divide it slide up inside it
blend it, mix it damn I'm terrific

(our dreams seemed not far away)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

11:53PM - yippie hurray!

{ name } Holly
{ nicknames } hol, spork, hey you, that freak... i can really remember right now. i used to have nicknames but now ill respond to pretty much anything
{ born in } clinton, md
{ resides in } chaptico, md *aka middle of no where*
{ good student } sometimes
{ eyes } blue
{ hair } blonde with purple and blue
{ shoe size } 10-11 in womens *yea i know i have big feet :(*

{ had a nightmare } a few nights ago
{ said "i love you" and meant it } this afternoon to my mommy
{ ate at mcdonald's } not for months,im vegetarian
{ dyed your hair } a few weeks ago and im still debating to redye it or not
{ brushed your hair } this morning
{ washed your hair) this afternoon before i pinned it up for work
{ checked your e-mail } few minutes ago
{ cried } i try not to
{ called someone } this afternooon
{ laughed } tonite does anyone really care?
{ talked to an ex } fuck no i still hope he gets mad cow disease or that his dick turns rainbow colors and falls in the crapper

xxDO YOUxx
{ smoke? } no
{ do drugs? }nope
{ have sex? } nope sxe
{ sleep with stuffed animals? }a few, mostly throw pillows though
{ have a dream that keeps coming back? } not recently
{ play an instrument? } i was starting to learn guitar but i havent had time
{ believe there is life on other planets? } sure
{ remember your first love? } unfortunatly and thanx a lot for bringing up those god awful memories
{ still love him/her } fuck no...see response bout talkin to exes...
{ read the newspaper? } only comics
{ have any straight friends? } yes
{ consider love a mistake? } depends on who it is u love
{ like the taste of alcohol? } nope
{ believe in god? } sure
{ go to church? } actually today was the first time in like a year
{ have any secrets? } oh so many
{ have any pets? } four cats and a dog
{ talk to strangers who instant message you?} yeah i enjoy fuckin with them
{ wear hats? } not usually
{ have any piercings? } five in each ear, belly. i used to have tongue done *that ass goblin hit the vain* and my lip done *shakes fist* damn rayner blair
{ have any tattoos? } still deciding
{ hate yourself? } usually
{ have an obsession? } of course and everyone knows about it
{ have a secret crush? } sure
{ collect anything? } when i feel like it
{ have a best friend? } yes
{ like your handwriting? } its big and bubbly and ive been told that it looks like hieroglyphics
{ have any bad habits? } of course
{ care about looks? } depends if their dirty lookin. if they shower then usually thats a good sign
{ care about boy/girlfriend's looks? } yes i care what my imaginary boyfriend looks like dammit i need a real man
{ believe in witches? } sure
{ believe in satan? } sure
{ believe in ghosts? } sure

{ dress } my disgusting work outfit yeah i still havent changed yet
{ mood } blah
{ music } vnv nation
{ taste } nothing
{ hair } pinned up
{ annoyance } my tongue, i bit it and it still hurts
{ smell } i can smell a little perfume that i was wearing earlier
{ thought } is this damn thing almost finished yet....damn sneeze....im tired....i hate my job....i need a life....i need to stop talking to myself
{ book } witching hour
{ fingernail color } i picked all the polish off the other day, i was bored at work
{ worry } im paranoid so when am i not worrying about something
crush } why the fuck would i tell u
{ favorite celebrity } DAVEY HAVOK, johnny depp, david bowie, tim curry...
{ you touched } anthony, he gave me a back rub after work { you talked to } My mom
{ you hugged } anthony
{ you Instant messaged } travis
{ you yelled at } just one person? i have anger issues
{ you had a crush on } why would i be telling you?
{ kill } everyone who pisses me off, customers at work, that fucktard who outbid me on ebay in the last seven seconds
{ slap } jon for fuckin up the games that i worked hard to straighten at work
{ tickle } i dont usually tickle people
{ talk to } myself
{ have sex with } davey and johnny
{ kiss } see above
{ be like } no one. i dont try to be like other people cuz i hate most people so why the hell do i want to be just like them?

(our dreams seemed not far away)

Friday, April 2, 2004

10:23PM - hello...la la la

hey im finally updating! woohoo! go me. ive been busy with skool and working in hell. i still need a new job but havent gotten one yet. :( grrrrrrrrr im pissed. smoothie world at the mall closed. fuck a duck. i liked that place. plus this cute guy andrew worked there. pj and i met him last weekend. pj wanted to talk to him cuz he thought he looked good but andrew hit on me instead. heh heh pj... *snickers* and in other news davey's parasol is on ebay so of course im biddin the hell out of it. it shall be mine... *shakes fist* hmmmm... i dont really have as much to say as i thought i would. before i wrote today i thought of other things i could say but they all slipped my mind. *thinks about davey* dammit im lonely. fuck. well i have to sleep and pee but not in that order. and the i get to go to work tomorrow. o yay. nutty nuts was fired so that is a definete plus. hey if u read this then comment. yay for comments. if u dont comment then u suck ass.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

9:32PM - get well soon davey!!!

aww poor davey has to stop singing for a while or he will damage his vocal cords forever. when i heard that i wanted to cry. :( not a lot is happening here. im really bored now. all must fear me for i have finally got the crow action figure thingy that is all rare and in the fishtank thingy. yay for ebay. also i got last nite the punk fiction record. davey is dressed up like the chik from pulp fiction. teehee. skool is allright this semester. still not many hot guys. ppl actually talk to me in my classes and they are not assholes who think im just a freak like last semester. i did see a guy today who looked pretty good. he has his lip pierced. added bonus. yay. dammit i still want mine redone. i really need a new job too. last sunday some dude that came in to return movies (he was there the nite before) and he asked me if i lived at blairs. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i wanted to curl up in a fetal position and start crying. no i dont live there. oh yeah i got last week at the farmers market a knightstick thingy doo!! huzzah! and there was this porn there called edward penishands! heh heh. it looked funny and i now want it. for some reason the hearing in my left ear is wierd. it has been like that for most of the day. oh yeah a lot of my channels on the tv are bein taken away by viacom those fuckers. it is only the dishnetwork ppl that it is happening to. good thing we are supposed to be switching to direct tv. they took away mtv, mtv2, vh1, nickelodeon, comedy central... and some others. *shakes fist* i wanna call viacom and tell them to suck my left tit bitch. grr im all sad and im gonna end up being the cat lady. i dont know how that fits into this part of my story but it just does. im all sad and lonely. damn me. and if u are reading this travis i am too gonna end up being the cat lady. damn happy people. grrr. yarr. avast ye.

Current mood: bored

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Friday, February 20, 2004


Well that's a relief, you're only a Sadistic Bastard
'Sadistic Bastard' PLEASE VOTE!!!

What Type of Lunatic are You?
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Thursday, February 19, 2004

10:20AM - there is no real title for this entry....

ok im finally updating after how long? walter told me i needed to cuz i havent. o wells. what to say. im bitter. those bastard telemarketing people found a way around our nice happy telezapper and they now call us again. one of those fuckers woke me up this morning. im gonna start answering the phone with we dont want any or somethin like that. cuz when u tell them no once they go on and on. leave me the fuck alone and let me sleep. i just got the email from yahoo givin me a bulk mail folder on my new address. dammit i dont want one. then i have all the junk mail like on my last email. thats why i changed it to escape from all the ads about cock pumps. i have yet to figure out why they send me cock pump ads. do they know somethin i dont know. last i heard i was female. but who knows i could have sprouted a dick overnite. if anyone is reading this and knows a good place to get polyphonic ringtones now would be a good time to tell me. all yesterday i fought with the computer. i want an afi ringtone for my phone but all the sites are in the uk and will only let uk users get the tones. wtf? they are an american band so why the fuck cant i get the ringtones over here? there was one site i did find but u need a credit card and i dont have one. :( damn me for never getting one. oh yeah i heard that at work (im not supposed to know shhh) customers have actually complained to the owner cuz i wear rings on all my fingers. wtf? that shows just how fuckin stoopid people in this county are. cuz my jewerly really affects how people rent their movies. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna beat them all in the face. hopefully i will get a new job soon. if it isnt ruined for me by a certain person (you know who u are). o well i dont feel like typing anymore so i am gonna take a shower and watch draculas curse which i rented from work a few days ago. yay for late fees!

Current mood: blah

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Monday, January 26, 2004


Shiver me timbers you know loads about pirate
vocabulary matey so Splice the Mainbrace and
celebrate!yoho!{please vote}

pirate vocabulary
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Thursday, January 22, 2004

10:00PM - another sort of pointless rant...

well first i am gonna start off by saying that rayner blair is a stoopid mother fucker. because of him i no longer have my lip ring. the thing i wanted so badly and only had for four months. i went to get it taken out on tuesday to put a clear piece in but it wasnt fully healed on the inside. surprise surprise. i fuckin told everyone that it wasnt healed but no one listened. of course they wouldnt its only my mouth like i would know when it is healed. dianna was all like dont be mad at me, and i told her that now im out 50 so she was like why dont u go next door and ask rayner for the money. yeah like he would give me money for that ill believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet. i can however get my lip repierced in like 3 weeks. unless im still workin for that communist blair. there is one good thing that happened. hot topic is going to be in the waldorf mall. michelle and i talked vinny who is going to be the manager and i filled out an application. hopefully i can get a job at hot topic and then i can have my lip ring back. omg! there is this annoying sound in my ear. it sounds like tapping. it stopped for now. nevermind. its back. sonofabitch. i watched once upon a time in mexico tonite. johnny depp....drool..... unfortunatly in the movie he gets his eyes gouged out. but he is still very sexy. i was just on the despair faction message board. damn those ppl are mean to ppl. not me cuz as usual i dont really talk much. i just read what other people write. then there are those ass clowns who write in the q&a forem before the band. cant people read? but the thing that really gets me is the people who comment on the people who do that. are they fuckin stoopid? they do the same thing that they are telling someone off for?! grrrrr. people suck. this has been a shitty week and i am still mourning the loss of my lipring. and i start skool on monday. oh joy.

Current mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

9:08PM - When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name

well apparently im wierd. i was reading joe's livejournal posts and he said im wierd cuz one time when he talked to me i was making stuff out of paper mache. first of all it was for my art class and i wasnt making dolls i was making the leg lamp from a christmas story. (which by the way i got an a on so i cant be that wierd if my teacher liked it....wait he is an art teacher and all art people are wierd) maybe i am wierd. wait..im also wierd cuz im a vegetarian. well excuse me for not eating poor defenseless little animals. i like the soy meats better anyways. there is nothing wierd bout not eating meat. well just wait till im vegan then i will be even wierder. joe- am i really that wierd? *sniff* o wells. whats normal anyways. sorry im a wierd cartoonist. dammit my computer is being a piece of shit again. time to reconnect....atleast i didnt lose everything i have been typing that would suck and i would have to cry if that happened. and i think i will leave now before that actually happens...

Current mood: amused

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

10:29PM - 3 guys and a drunk

well tonite at work was fun. i wrestled with jon as usual and watched three guys beat the hell out of a drunk man. then the cops came and law and order was once again restored to the blair's video customers. the drunk came in the store to exchange a movie and he was gettin a little too close and personal with jon he kept calling people baby. then he comes up to the three guys i was waiting on and says ill wait outside for you. the guys didnt know him at all. when they walked outside the drunk took a swing and the three boys beat the hell out of him. the entire right side of his face was bloody and there is now blood on the sidewalk (just a little). the drunk guy was out of state and with like four other people. someone for the love of god explain to me why the hell are you going to send the drunk one into a store?! are people in this country complete fuckin morons? even i would know better to let a drunk into a store alone. no one pressed charges and the piggies were there for a while. i didnt have to talk to them though. well im gonna check on my afi record on ebay. if anyone outbids me at the last second ill beat the hell out of them. thats my record!

Current mood: bouncy

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

9:59AM - random thoughts

im waiting for something to download. i cant type. i keep coughing. it really sux. ya know what sux more? when ur family wont bring u any meds at work so u have to spend the entire nite coughing. it really hurts. i need to take a shower. the video needs to hurry up and dl. im bored. i have the shittiest hours today. i have to work 2-9. dammit i wanted to see a movie. well fuck me gently with a chainsaw. i wanna know my grades but the college website is being a commi and wont let me get on to that page. *shakes fist* i wonder if anyone is onine....nope. alone again. just what i needed, to talk to myself again. i did that the other day while driving home i was sick and i kept talkin to myself. it was really creepy. o wells. this is taking too long.

(our dreams seemed not far away)

Thursday, December 11, 2003

5:21PM - smack my ass and call me debbie

skool is out for the semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo! my last two exams were this morning. my english one was easy. i got back my paper and got an a on it. even though it was a load of bullshit. o wells. in history i was studying before the exam and this dude walks up to me and asks if i wanna be in his group (the last exam was a group one) and i said sure. after he left i was all thinkin dammit now ill have to actually talk to ppl in this class. oh wells they were the smart people group so i know i passed this test. that way i can actually pass the class....break to watch silver and cold video...afi fuckin rocked at nutcracker! i was drooling the whole time they were on stage. michelle, chad and i got to the patroit center like three hours before the concert. we saw hunter outside talkin on a cell phone and saw jonathan davis walk into the building. we tried to walk down to where they were at but we got yelled at. chad drew this kick ass pic for korn and some hfs dude gave it to him. jonathan davis sent a rent a cop to bring chad backstage and chad got to meet him. jonathan wants to use chad's pic on posters, shirts, and hats..etc. i should do that with afi. i wanted to draw them somethin but i didnt have time. well ill have time now since i am out of skool. yay! michelle and i went shoppin today. i am just about done with my christmas shopping. i need like two more things. aaaaaahhhhhh my computer is bein a piece of shit. it is typing too slow and pop up ads keep coming up. no i dont want it. leave me alone my head is gonna explode. well im gonna go and be lazy for the first time in like 5 months.

Current mood: bouncy

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Saturday, November 29, 2003

6:49PM - im super thanks for asking...

well im taking a quick break from my english paper. i have three pages typed and only five more to go! woohoo! hopefully i wont run out of bs by that time. i have big gay al's song from south park stuck in my head (thus the title of this entry). i have been singing it for the past few days. well i think that this weekend was asshole weekend at work. last nite this bitch came in and yelled at us all. unfortunatly i got to deal with her. oh goody. she already had an account but she wanted another one. and i tried to tell her that she could only have one account and she started yellin how i wasnt listening to her. she apparently had her ex on her old account and she didnt want to use his credit or be on an account with him anymore. so i told her (nicely) that she could take him off the account and then she just yelled that she didnt want to do that and i was still not listening to her big flapping mouth. and she was in the store a few days ago and opened another account and the manager was there and all this bs. but it got deleted and she blamed it on new people working and it wasnt their fault. dianna deleted it bc she obviously already had one. so i ended up giving in to her because i was pissed off and tired of being called ignorant by some fuckin bitch. then anthony rang her up and she called him stupid like five times. after she left, anthony went outside to smoke and slammed the door so i went to see if he was ok. then he went off. i havent seen him mad like that before so i slowly backed away and went back inside. i wrote a nice note to dianna bout how she was a bitch and i dont get paid enough to have someone call me ignorant and we all refuse to deal with her anymore. then today some stoopid bitch returned her dvds with no barcodes. she took them out for some unknown reason. that pissed me off so i left another happy note bout how it wasnt a coincident. i left it all for her to deal with instead of it causing me a lot of pain and anguish. well im feeling slightly better. wait..nevermind. i have to close with jonathan tomorrow nite. he better not sit around on his fat ass all nite. ill tell him off. im gonna leave him a huge pile of movies to put away and ill just sit there until they are put away. hopefully he knows not to fuck with me. he has been a pain up michelle and anthony's ass while closing. usually he isnt too bad closing with me but he better not start. on the plus side, i get to see afi in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was just listenin to davey's sooooo sexy voice... *drool* well back to the damn paper. i cant wait till the semester is over then i can sleep in again and draw! i really need to finish my pic i started months ago but have had no time to work on it.

Current mood: annoyed

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

12:42PM - i shall regurgitate no peas

well a lot has happened since the last time i updated. right now my computer is pissin me off and i have an eight page paper to write by next thursday. guess what thursday is?! december 4th. ya know what that is?! HFSMAS NUTCRACKER!!!!!! AFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to go. no i didnt get tickets online. i didnt get the email bout the presale so i missed out on that then during the public sale, tickets were sold out. so that monday, michelle and i got up at three in the morning and drove to lanthm to the radio station. we got lost so many times a few times in dc. oh dear god. i was wearing a short dress and fishnets and looked like a whore. we had to stop and ask directions a few times and a bunch of ppl started whistleing at me at a 7-11. :( help me! we had to dance and stuff on the stripper pole for free tickets! woohoo! unfortunatly we were on the air and a lot of people heard us. o wells. they an all fuck off cuz i got free tickets to see afi! we actually got four, two each so we are selling the fourth one! yay for monies! today is thanksgiving. this holiday sux. it is pointless cuz i dont even eat meat let alone turkey. i never liked it anyways. i tried to get dianna to schedule me to work open to close but instead i am just workin 4 to close. now i am stuck with a fun filled family dinner. oh joy. ill just eat quick and then shut myself up in my room like always. last nite i saw gothica. it was a great movie. jon and i raided the new candy supply at work but we didnt even end up eating any of it. instead we had popcorn. the theatre was packed and ppl kept laughin and screaming. it was annoying cuz after a scary part would happen in the movie everyone would talk bout it. so a few times i had to yell: lets all continue talkin so we miss the rest of the movie. or other fun filled phrases. I GET TO SEE AFI IN A WEEK I GET TO SEE AFI IN A WEEK I GET TO SEE AFI IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait. i have to get lots of cameras so i can obsessivly take pics. yay! and im done.

Current mood: horny

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